Last week in the Seanad, I raised the need to tackle the ongoing funding issues in the Primary School sector.

As the Deputy Leader will know, the INTO is carrying out pre-budget lobbying today. It has a number of very valid issues and concerns, including the need to tackle the chronic underfunding of primary schools. Primary schools receive a standard capitation grant of €183. This is in contrast to the grant of €316 paid to post-primary schools.

This is a concern as they have a large number of day-to-day running costs they need to cover. With the costs associated with inflation and the costs of products rising, this puts more pressure on the scarce resources within our schools. We know the huge importance that capitation plays in the funding of primary schools. I ask that the Minister would come to the House to make a statement on capitation grants and on the inflation costs in the delivery of services within our schools and on the school building programme. It is a serious concern at the moment across all sectors in relation to construction as well. I look forward to that debate in the future.