Last week, I raised the immediate need to roll out electric charging points on Regional and National Secondary Routes.

As we know, there has been a huge drive to roll out electric cars throughout the country. Obviously, electric cars require electric charging points. In contacting the ESB three years ago, I was informed that:

… the ESB is working on a plan to roll out high-powered charging across national and motorway routes across the country to facilitate inter-urban driving for electric vehicles. Whilst we haven’t confirmed the charging point locations at this point, given that we are focusing on national and motorway routes, it is unlikely the chargers that will be installed as part of the initiative would be located [in my village of Moycullen at the time].

Nor would they be installed in other areas, as it were, on regional and national secondary routes, such as Oughterard, Barna and An Spidéal. These areas are much travelled by tourists, in particular, and the growing population which aspires to being able to drive an electric car and it is Government policy to increase the roll-out of electric cars in time.

I sought an update in the past week and it was confirmed by the ESB that, “there are no plans to change the focus of the roll-out plan for e-car charging infrastructure”. I ask for a debate on the issue of electrics and seek an update from the Minister on this matter. If we are serious about climate, and I know Government has put a huge focus on climate action, there is a requirement for public charging points.

There are a number of points in private hotels and obviously, that is an attraction and incentive for those hotels and is something positive for them to market themselves but there is a requirement in areas where there are regional and national secondary routes.