It’s great to see the Economic Recovery Plan being launched today which sets out renewed supports, investment, and policies for a new stage of economic recovery.

The Plan includes over €3.5 billion in enterprise and labour market supports and almost €1 billion under the National Recovery and Resilience Plan. The ambition of the plan is to have 2.5 million people at work by 2024.

For businesses it extends the CRSS and the Commercial Rates Waiver, provides for a new Business Resumption Support Scheme and extends the 9% Tourism VAT rate to September 2022.

I particularly welcome the targeted supports for tourism and events, being aware of the importance of tourism to Galway. Also, the increased commitment to the SME sector and the IDA strategy which we continue to benefit from here in the West, even through the pandemic.

Galway has always shown its ability to adapt and pivot and the Government is anxious to support entrepreneurship in all sectors in order to reboot the economy in an export driven and sustainable way.

The Plan also details extensive training and back to work initiatives, a fund of €503m to advance the Green Transition and almost €300m to accelerate Digital Reform in business.

We are emerging from a very difficult period in everybody’s lives. There is a major task ahead to rebuild our economy, but we will emerge from the pandemic, we will get people back to work and we will create sustainable and secure jobs.