More than €62m has been allocated for transport projects, the regeneration of city sites and new residential hubs in Galway under the Urban Regeneration and Development Fund. The funding supports:

  • Galway City Council Transport Connectivity Project (Galway City Council) – €40.30 million
  • Galway Public Spaces and Streets Project (Galway City Council) –8.64 million
  • Galway Innovation and Creativity District – Nun’s Island and Earl’s Island (Galway City Council) –4.3 million
  • Oranmore Railway Station (Galway County Council) – €9.28 million

The Government funding comes from the second round of the Urban Regeneration and Development Fund (URDF) – a project which Fine Gael began as part of Project Ireland 2040.

Proof of Fine Gael’s commitment to Galway, the URDF will see substantial investment in infrastructure, improving Galway’s transport and connectivity, quality and location of housing, recreational and cultural facilities, among other areas.

Galway Projects in detail:

Galway City Council Transport Connectivity Project – €40.30 million

The Galway City Council Transport Connectivity project focuses on connectivity, permeability and facilitating compact growth. The project encompasses four transport-based projects:

  • Ceannt Quarter Regeneration – Brownfield regeneration scheme comprising of redevelopment of Ceannt Station. It will result in an integrated transport hub in the heart of Galway City Centre.
  • A ‘transport requirement study’ on the north lands. This will inform a strategy for future transport development needs.
  • Galway City Cycle Network – a sustainable transport project to deliver a safe, cohesive city cycle network. It will include pedestrian facilities as part of the Galway Transport Strategy, building on work initiated in the ‘Call 1’ project.
  • Ardaun Access Phase 2 – This will deliver new access routes for the new suburb of Ardaun through construction, redevelopment and linkage of roads. This follows on from a component of the ‘Call 1’ ‘Ardaun Upgrade of Martin Roundabout Parade Quarter’ project.
  • Clifden Railway Cycle and Pedestrian Bridge – the provision of a pedestrian and cycling crossing on the old Clifden Railway Line abutments in the River Corrib.

Galway Public Spaces and Streets Project – €8.64 million

This project will provide new and improved public spaces in Galway City Centre. It focuses on five key locations that are identified in the Galway City Public Realm Strategy 2019.

The works involved will facilitate greater residential and employment growth within the core city area. The works at the five key locations are:

  • Woodquay Regeneration Project – public realm works providing an opportunity for the creation of a new civic space, improved walkability of the city centre and linkages to the main shopping streets and public transport hubs. The project will provide good pedestrian links to the proposed Clifden Railway Pedestrian and Cycle Bridge, linking to NUI Galway (part of the Transport Connectivity ‘Call 2’ project).
  • Fishmarket Rejuvenation Project – public realm works to include flood defence measures, enhanced pedestrian access across the city centre, social, civic and scenic multi-use spaces along the River Corrib, linking to the proposed Greenway Network.
  • Cathedral Plaza Project – works will consist of reallocation of road space for bus priority and walking and cycling; the creation of a new waterfront space along the River Corrib, linking to the adjacent (proposed) Greenway Network and Riverside Walkway.
  • Eyre Square (North) Project – these traffic management works will rationalise and restrict vehicular movements, integrating with the Cross City Link bus priority measures. This will facilitate more space for pedestrians and accommodate both bicycle parking and bike rental stations.
  • City Centre Streets Project – this project will involve expansion of the city centre pedestrian zone; integration with the Cross City Link; and delivery of a priority bus corridor with improved walking and cycle measures through the city centre.

Galway Innovation and Creativity District – €4.3 million

This funding will create a masterplan for the ambitious regeneration of the Nun’s Island and Earl’s Island areas of the city which will include, in phases:

  • a riverside campus that will regenerate this part of Galway and strengthen the linkages between business, research and a living city
  • performance space to enrich the artistic life of the city and unleash the creativity of cultural engagement
  • enhanced public realm
  • affordable and sustainable on-campus accommodation for students and researchers
  • expansion of the Galway to Connemara Greenway through the city and the university campus, to Moycullen, Oughterard and on to Clifden.

URDF funding for Galway City Council to date:

The €53.24 million in approved funding is in addition to €6.31 million in approved URDF funding for five ‘Call 1’ projects: ‘Ardaun Upgrade of Martin Roundabout Parade Quarter’; ‘Sandy Road Liosbán’; ‘Cycling & Walking’; ‘Nuns Island Masterplanning’; and ‘Regeneration of Galway Inner Harbour’.

Galway County Council project

Oranmore Railway Station– €9.28 million

This project involves three distinct but related projects to promote sustainable growth around Oranmore Train Station. The projects will maximise the benefit of the rail infrastructure in particular and facilitate the future expansion of Oranmore as a compact development with high-quality public transport.

The project consists of three sub-projects:

  • railway infrastructure upgrades – this will include a 1km passing railway loop at existing Oranmore Train Station, including additional platform and associated infrastructure
  • detailed design of the local centre and associated car park structure, and landscaping plan, for the lands south of the train station. This will ensure appropriate integration of the infrastructural works within the existing landscape and with future built development and amenities.
  • a ‘study on the design development of typologies’ to implement the Urban Framework Plan.