The speed limits on national roads in the City particularly on Bothar na dTreabh and on the N83 at Two Mile Ditch need to increase.

The review of speed limits in the City recommended increases to some national road speed limit including on Bothar na dTreabh from the Menlo roundabout to the Tuam road junction from 50kph to 80kph and the same for the N83 near the back entrance of the Racecourse at Two Mile Ditch

These speed limit changes have been supported by Transport Infrastructure Ireland and An Garda Síochána but were rejected by Galway City Council Councillors.

I have written to the Chair of the Transport and Infrastructure Strategic Policy Committee, Cllr Frank Fahy to see what plans the City Council have to look again at the proposals rejected in November.

While the process to review these limits may be rigid it is important that Council looks again at certain City speed limits and try to get agreement on those that are too low on National Road. Too many people are receiving needless penalty points and fines for speeding on roads that the Gardaí and TII agree should have increased speed limits.”