The logistics of the Covid-19 vaccine programme rollout for persons aged 70 and over were outlined on Saturday by the Government.

People aged 70 and over will be offered one of either the Pfizer BioNTech or the Moderna vaccine.

The first group to be vaccinated are those aged 85 and over with the programme then progressing to other ages as follows: 80-84, 75-79, 70-74.

The programme will begin on Monday week (15th February) and will increase in line with the supply of vaccines. It will take place in two locations depending on the number of patients 70 and over at each GP practice.

For those practices with over 200 patients aged 70 and over, the programme will operate within the GP’s premises.

There will be a registration area – managed by an administration team, a Refrigeration and Reconstitution Area – managed by the GP and a second GP/nurse, a vaccination area – managed by GP/nurse and an observation area – managed by a nurse.

For GP practices with fewer than 200 patients aged 70 and over, GP-led Vaccination Centres will be set up. These will be arranged in one of two ways.

Firstly, at agreed locations GP practices will work together to vaccinate people. Each GP practice will register, book in and administer to their own patients but from the Centre.

Secondly, for GP practices with fewer than 200 patients aged 70 or over, the practice will partner with another, larger practice to use the larger facilities. However, GP practices will still take care of their own patients.

GP practices are now working through their patient lists in order to identify the required vaccines on any given day/week, schedule appointments and work through dose 1 and dose 2 schedules (28 days apart).